A Prayer for Rufus’ Future

From Vince L.:

Please pray hard for an Orlando, Florida beagle named Rufus who is scheduled to be put down by animal services. May 1st, the beagle nipped a child at home. The child is fine but the law says if an animal bites a person, it will be euthanized. The family has a lawyer and is fighting this situation. Pray for a miracle for this loving dog.

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One Response to “A Prayer for Rufus’ Future”

  1. Susi and Team says:

    Vince, having read the papers about the incident, this is certainly a sad case. Certainly there was some miscommunication given on behalf of animal control and that’s putting it kindly. We will hold this little dog and his family up in prayer to Jesus for mercy.

    Jesus, we ask for Your mercy for Rufus and for his loving family. We ask through the intercessions of the Archangels that the Holy Spirit may minister to the hearts and minds of those who are going to be making decisions for this puppy. May peace and clarity fall upon all and may love prevail. In Your most Holy Name we pray. Amen.

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