The Good News


We will be their voice. At RVR Horse Rescue, our mission is to intervene, rescue, rehabilitate and provide sanctuary for neglected, abused, abandoned, and traumatized horses and farm animals. Our goal is to take them out of their bad situations and find loving homes for them. We provide medical attention, nutrition, training, and a safe haven to rehabilitate the horses so we can place them for a small adoption fee to approved, loving homes. We work closely with Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Agriculture Department. We take action to save horses being sold for slaughter. RVR Horse Rescue also keeps track of all adopted horses to make sure their living conditions remain good for the rest of their lives.

Rescued horses rescuing people.Through the experiences of our volunteers, we have quickly realized the impact our organization and mission have, not only on the horses we rescue, but on the humans who help them. It is our vision to be able to use our safe, rescued horses, and their stories, to help heal broken-hearted, sick and disabled humans as well!


In the News

11 Days in the Siberian Wilderness—Girl is Saved by Her Dog

Dogs are never too young to be heroes, as one puppy demonstrated when he helped keep a four-year-old girl alive and safe for the nearly two weeks they spent in the wolf- and bear-infested wilderness of Siberia.  He only left her long enough to bring back a search team to find her.

(Hero pup)

When Rodion Chikitova left his home to go on a trip to his native village on July 29th, he had no idea that his young daughter, Karina, would be coming along.  He didn’t plan to take her, but she tried to follow him and got lost in the woods.  Thankfully, her puppy tagged along.


Picture of the Week

Zebra Sea Horses

Hippocampus zebra is an extremely rare seahorse, with only a few ever being reported. They come from Australia’s northern reef side and live in deep water up to 225 feet deep.

Ask Susi

Redemption of Creation and Creatures

Numerous times in your writings you have alluded to the animals and creation “being hard-wired” by God to be who and what they are. And you go on to say that you believe them to be redeemed by Christ and moving to an eternal existence. Explain that.


The Founder’s Pen


~by Susi Pittman

Going home brings reunion and reward. That is just the way God intended it.


Catholic Journeyman


~by Louis Templeman

Want to be fearless and walk a solid path in this life?


A Poet’s Voice


~by Paula Veloso Babadi

Fires can rage and ruin all in its path. Ah, sweet water!


Book of the Month

The Dalai Lama’s Cat–a novel by David Michie

A REVIEW by Michele Gregoire

We know that a fictional book was written a couple years back titled Joseph and Chico: The Life of Pope Benedict XVI As Told By A Cat. Michele has found a lovely fictional novel titled, The Dalai Lama’s Cat which also shares a similar path of peace-filled teachings and lessons.


Meandering Along the River’s Edge

WELCOME Fall’s Wild Neighbors

~by Virginia Anson

It is migration time and the wild birds are on the move. Virginia has some great recommendations for prepping your backyard to receive the winged travelers as well as other local wild neighbors.


This Week’s Top Global Weather News

Premier Visits Drought Stricken Farmers of New South Wales, Australia

The drought has been going on here for about 29 months, we’ve had about 40 per cent of our average rainfall. It’s made it difficult, the duration of the drought,” he said. We are going in to uncharted territory historically. Lots of policy decisions can have effects on drought. It’s not just the lack of rain.”


Weekly Commentary

4 Facts About the Saint Who Fought the Loch Ness Monster—St. Peter’s List Staff

Widely considered the first recorded story of the Loch Ness Monster, The Life of Saint Columba written by St. Adamnan – Abbot of Iona, d. 704 – in the seventh century tells of the meeting between St. Columba and a strange “aquatic monster” in A.D. 565. The following is an excerpt from chapter twenty-eight entitled “How an Aquatic Monster was Driven off by Virtue of the Blessed Man’s Prayer.”


Affiliate Shopping

AFFILIATE SHOPPING for YOU! We continue to build a small but, well focused group of vendors, offering products in line with stewardship of the earth and its creatures. By visiting these product sites from our page, you are helping to support our mission.

Mystic Monk Coffee is a small batch coffee roaster operated by the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming through an online gourmet coffee bean store. Many consider their website the ultimate source for gourmet coffee where it is easy to buy coffee online. The monks carefully craft each freshly roasted coffee to perfection for dark roast coffees, espresso, ground coffees, whole bean coffees, single origin coffees, fair trade coffees, flavored coffees and especially the monks’ special gourmet coffee blends. Try our special auto delivered coffee subscriptions also for the best coffee online.

CLICK HERE to visit the Mystic Monks Store


Organic herbs, spices, teas and oils.

Since 1987, MOUNTAIN ROSE HERBS has consistently delivered exceptional quality certified organic herbs and spices with a strict emphasis on sustainable agriculture. Our primary source of herbal material is from certified organic American farms and many of these farms are on contract with us as an exclusive grower for our needs.




A Division of Engineering Services & Products Company, FarmTek was founded in 1979 with the purpose of bringing the highest quality products at the most competitive prices with exceptional customer service directly to the agricultural, horticultural, building and retail trade communities.


Geology and Archaeology

Geology of the Napa Valley Earthquake

The Bay Area is on a transverse fault zone: the Pacific plate is moving past the North American plate, scraping along the San Andreas Fault. While California’s earthquakes will never lead it to falling into the ocean, the Pacific plate is on a steady journey north, carrying anything on the west side of the fault along with it at a rate of 3 to 5 centimeters a year. This type of motion is called a right-lateral or dextral strike-slip fault: if you’re standing on one side, the other side looks like it’s moving to the right.


Discovering Catholic Writers

Mary Lou Rosien

Mary Lou Rosien is a Catholic wife, and mother to seven (plus a foster son). She is a columnist for Our Sunday Visitor Online and is the author of, Managing Stress with the Help of Your Catholic Faith (OSV Publishing) and Catholic Family Boot Camp (Bezalel Books). Mary Lou has a Master’s Level Certificate in Catechesis, has been a Catechist off and on for 30 years. and is the RCIA Coordinator of St. Leo’s Parish in Hilton, NY.

She is trained as a social worker and parent/family coach. She has been a literacy volunteer in the public school system.

Several of her own children have disabilities including Asperger’s (a mild form of autism), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Learning Disorders, ADHD and Anxiety Issues. Her adult daughter had surgery when she was thirteen for a Chiari I malformation of the brain and has recovered beautifully!

She is available to speak on many subjects including: Family issues, Spec. Needs Children, Overcoming Anxiety and Managing Stress.

Mary Lou Rosien’s Catholic Family Boot Camp is a 30-day-devotional intended to build virtue within the family unit. The virtues developed include: hope, love, justice, prudence, temperance, fortitude and faith. Daily Scripture readings and suggested tasks make the devotional easy to follow. There is no right or wrong day or time to start the boot camp-the important thing is to start! Mary Lou invites all “boot campers” to join her at www.CatholicFamilyBootcamp.com to ask questions, share ideas and just have fun!


Quote of the Week

If having a soul means being able to fell love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans!

~James Herriot~

Discovering Our Saints

St. Gregory the Great

Art of Life

Mary Jane Miller

I want to paint icons always with the hope of bringing people closer to God. Even when painting modern icons the artist entices people to come closer to God, through the beautiful image. We copy traditional images as doctrine and discipline as well as prayer. The painting of the image is considered service.

Traditional icons are a gift the Orthodox Church has given to the world, a doctrine for their expression and commitment to unify the believers. I have used the orthodox tradition yes, with absolute respect. Contemporary Icons challenge the idea that there is still an ongoing understanding of the divine story through image and doctrine. Remembering we are all children of God. There is no limit to the imagery in iconography or the expression of God, but many.

Over the past few years, thousands of people from a wide variety of spiritual traditions have found themselves drawn to the mysterious and prayerful images found in the icons of Eastern Christianity. Books: Icon Painting Revealed and the Mary Collection 2008…DVD available.

Mary Jane Miller has acquired 18 years’ experience. She is an experienced iconographer a master at both contemporary and traditional. The technique is egg tempera and 100% gold real leaf. The classes are offered in her private studio and at the Monastery of the Soledad. Both environments for teaching emphasize prayer and contemplation.


Looking for Sustainability

Sustainable Plastics?

The impact of 50 years of unbridled plastics production, use, and disposal is now becoming well known and documented. Plastics made from non-renewable petroleum and natural gas resources threaten the environment, human health, species maintenance, and the very life of the ocean.


God’s Green Earth

In the Forest

Farm News

Farmer Lee Jones

Perpetually clad in his trademark overalls and a red bowtie, Farmer Lee Jones is a pioneer of the sustainable agricultural movement who continues to keep The Chef’s Garden on the cutting edge of the produce business. His family’s 300-acre vegetable farm in Huron, Ohio grows the best-tasting and most nutritious specialty vegetables herbs and micro greens in the world. The family lives by a commitment to producing food that looks good, tastes good and is good for you.


Steward Alerts

2  Great Papal Documentaries—Review by Stuart Dunn

Ignatius Press released DVDs on Pope John XXIII and John Paul II: The Revolution of John XXIII: The Second Vatican Council; and John Paul II: I Kept Looking for You.


Steward Activities


Get ready for back-to-school time with resources from American Catholic, for students, teachers and parents at AmericanCatholic.org. Find articles and books with back-to-school ideas, send e-cards from Catholic Greetings to friends, students and teachers or read inspirational stories about Catholic educators.


Environmental Education

World’s Largest Dam Removal Complete—River flows its natural course again

In Asia, Africa, and South America, large hydroelectric dams are still being built, as they once were in the United States, to power economic development, with the added argument now that the electricity they provide is free of greenhouse gas emissions. But while the U.S. still benefits from the large dams it built in the 20th century, there’s a growing recognition that in some cases, at least, dambuilding went too far—and the Elwha River is a symbol of that.


Youth Stewardship

Collective School Garden Network

Western Growers Foundation was created by Western Growers members as a way to give back to their communities. The Foundation’s mission is to plant and sustain a fruit and vegetable garden in every willing Arizona and California school. Edible school gardens give children the opportunity to learn where their food comes from and the importance of good nutrition.



Harvest in the Orchard

It’s time to put down the hoe and gloves and take a fall harvest vacation to some of the great fall orchards in the United States.


Wellness & Nutrition


Mealtime provides the perfect opportunity for observing these different seasons and feasts of the Catholic Church in our homes, the “Domestic Church.”  We are all, especially us moms, cooking and baking every day, why not sanctify these mealtimes and teach our children even more about our beautiful faith at the same time?



10 Spectacular National Parks For Stargazing

As the days get shorter, stargazers have more opportunities to celebrate the night—and national parks offer some of the darkest skies in the country. If you have trouble seeing the stars from where you live, you’re not alone. Urban areas have become so bright that more than 80 percent of the U.S. population can no longer see the Milky Way from their front door. The National Park Service has its own NIGHT SKY TEAM to help protect this diminishing resource.


Weekly Smile


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