The Good News

My Life As A Turkey

After a local farmer left a bowl of eggs on Joe Hutto’s front porch, his life was forever changed. Hutto, possessing a broad background in the natural sciences and an interest in imprinting young animals, incubated the eggs and waited for them to hatch. As the chicks emerged from their shells, they locked eyes with an unusual but dedicated mother. Deep in the wilds of Florida’s Flatlands, Hutto spent each day living as a turkey mother, taking on the full-time job of raising sixteen turkey chicks. (This program originally aired on PBS in 2011, but, is so worth enjoying at Thanksgiving each year.)


In the News

What happened to Popcorn and Caramel, last year’s Presidentially Pardoned Turkeys

President Barack Obama might frown when he hears that Popcorn, last year’s pardoned Thanksgiving turkey, is already dead (due to natural causes). But, understudy Caramel is still kicking. And the reason? Well, that would make Michelle Obama smile. He lost weight. A slimmer, trimmer Caramel is living happily alongside Franklin, a Heritage Bronze turkey, in Leesburg, Virginia, at Morven Park.


Picture of the Week

Give thanks to the Lord for He loves ALL that He has created.

Ask Susi

Redemption of Creation and Creatures

Numerous times in your writings you have alluded to the animals and creation “being hard-wired” by God to be who and what they are. And you go on to say that you believe them to be redeemed by Christ and moving to an eternal existence. Explain that.


Susi Weekly Column

I Believe in Thanksgiving

~by Susi Pittman

Did you know that the word “eucharist”  is defined in the dictionary as “thanksgiving?”


Catholic Journeyman

Saint Joseph Then and Now; Son of David

~by Louis Templeman

This week Louis takes us through an amazing 10-week presentation on the life of Saint Joseph. It is a true meditation for the Advent Season on the human soul that God chose to be the foster father of His Only Begotten Son, Jesus the Christ.


A Poet’s Voice


~by Paula Veloso Babadi

Love and beauty are as inseparable…as are night and day, both joined by an unseen twilight.


Book of the Month~October

The Soul of All Living Creatures: What Animals Can Teach Us About Being Human

~by Michele Gregoire

Michele shares a marvelous review on a book that delves into the inner lives of animals and explores the relationships we forge with them.


Meandering Along the River’s Edge

Container Gardening for Pollinators

~by Virginia Rhys Anson, OFS

Everything you ever wanted to know about attracting pollinators to your container gardens!


This Week’s Top Global Weather News

After 7+ Feet of Snow, Western New York Prepares for Floods

As dump trucks, plows and payloaders continued laboring to clear snow as high as seven feet, western New York girded on Saturday for the feared second act of the storm — widespread flooding. Officials said that as the weather warmed, rivers of melting snow could collapse roofs, turn major thoroughfares into canals and cause creeks to overflow their banks. A light drizzle fell throughout Saturday. Officials said that depending on how quickly the temperature rose, flooding could begin as early as Saturday night, but more certainly by Sunday.


Weekly Commentary

5 Things I Learned In The Kitchen This Week

Beverly Beckham is the author of “A Gift of Time,” a collection of personal essays, “Back Then,” a memoir of childhood, is a contributor to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series, is on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress and writes a weekly column for The Boston Globe. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Bruce, and has three children and seven grandchildren.


Affiliate Shopping

AFFILIATE SHOPPING for YOU! We continue to build a small but, well focused group of vendors, offering products in line with stewardship of the earth and its creatures. By visiting these product sites from our page, you are helping to support our mission.

Mystic Monk Coffee is a small batch coffee roaster operated by the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming through an online gourmet coffee bean store. Many consider their website the ultimate source for gourmet coffee where it is easy to buy coffee online. The monks carefully craft each freshly roasted coffee to perfection for dark roast coffees, espresso, ground coffees, whole bean coffees, single origin coffees, fair trade coffees, flavored coffees and especially the monks’ special gourmet coffee blends. Try our special auto delivered coffee subscriptions also for the best coffee online.

CLICK HERE to visit the Mystic Monks Store


Since 1987, MOUNTAIN ROSE HERBS has consistently delivered exceptional quality certified organic herbs and spices with a strict emphasis on sustainable agriculture. Our primary source of herbal material is from certified organic American farms and many of these farms are on contract with us as an exclusive grower for our needs.




A Division of Engineering Services & Products Company, FarmTek was founded in 1979 with the purpose of bringing the highest quality products at the most competitive prices with exceptional customer service directly to the agricultural, horticultural, building and retail trade communities.


Geology and Archaeology


Niagara Falls, which is in a deep freeze at the present moment, is the collective name for three waterfalls, the Cayuga, Gahnawehta and Tgahnawehta. All three straddle the international border between Canada and the United states; more specifically between the province of Ontario and the state of New York. They form the southern end of the Niagara Gorge. How high is the falls, how fast does the water run? We have a great website that is full of the amazing details of this great natural wonder.


Fall Photo of the Week

Wild turkey in a southern field—it has been recorded that wild turkeys can fly as fast as 55mph.

Discovering Catholic Writers


Michael Brown is the best-selling author of The Final Hour, After Life, Secrets of the Eucharist, Prayer of the Warrior and Seven Days with Mary, to name but a few and he co-authored, with Josyp Terelya, the book Witness. Having a conversion experience in 1983, he has since visited 25 sites of alleged Marian apparitions around the World. Michael spent many months covering the world to investigate the supernatural events that have been reported in the last century, most of which have occurred in the last 25 years. It was he, as an investigative journalist, who exposed the infamous Love Canal toxic waste crisis, for which he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Once, a contributing editor to Science Digest, his work has appeared in periodicals such as Read’s Digest, New York Magazine and The New York Times. He is also the founder of Spirit Daily , one of the most visited Catholic sites on the internet.

His most recent work is a powerful work titled, What We Take to Heaven.

Brown delves deeply into the concept of the “life review”; how our lives are evaluated upon passing by the Lord and His angels, the way in which our time on earth is evaluated (judged), and the importance of fulfilling and discerning our individual missions. This fascinating, powerful book will leave no doubt about the unfathomable kindness and understanding of God; His Mercy; and the beyond-phenomenal splendor of the destination we know as Heaven. Culled from Church teaching, near-death experiences, saints, and other sources, including modern revelations. This and many of his other books can be purchased HERE.

Michael now resides in Florida with his wife Lisa and their three children. We are grateful that he is a dear friend and inspiration .

Quote of the Week

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.

~G.K. Chesterton~

Art of Life

Andrew Keola

I am a self-representing artist and have been involved in graphic and digital art for 20 years. This past year (2012 – 2013) I have been focusing on fine art and painting (especially abstract art). For most of my life I have focused on realism but in doing so have failed to find that certain magic that comes from visually expressing the spiritual aspect of the subject matter. Concentrating on abstraction has forced me to focus on color, relationships between colors, and shapes rather than how realistic the subject looks. What starts out in my imagination is taken over by brush strokes which invariably affect the end result. Because there is no implied form in my purely abstract pieces, my hope is that the viewer will be able to find a reflection of that which is within. The image is less arbitrary allowing a more subjective, internal point of view. When approaching the abstract style I am liberated from creating recognizable forms however I do not paint from chaos and allow the imagery to takeover its own creation although I do still listen and feel what the painting needs. Just as in realism, every color and brush stroke is intended however I do find the inspiration comes from a different place which makes it seem like the painting has taken on a life of it’s own. The artworks I create which are not purely abstract are perhaps hybrids of other styles including modernism or impressionism. My intention is to create recognizable forms but express them in a way that brings out the spiritual nature of the subject matter. Painting for me is very liberating. It is perhaps one of the most natural forms of expression that I use to share my unique perspective. It is my belief that when a chef creates a culinary masterpiece, the food is infused with emotional energy and the same goes when any artist creates. His or her expression is emotional energy fused with craftsmanship-and with a little magic, a masterpiece is created. Whenever I paint, I try to use this energy to help capture the essence of the subject matter in the way that I not only see it, but feel it.



Small volcanic eruptions could be slowing global warming

Small volcanic eruptions might eject more of an atmosphere-cooling gas into Earth’s upper atmosphere than previously thought, potentially contributing to the recent slowdown in global warming, according to a new study. Scientists have long known that volcanoes can cool the atmosphere, mainly by means of sulfur dioxide gas that eruptions expel. Droplets of sulfuric acid that form when the gas combines with oxygen in the upper atmosphere can remain for many months, reflecting sunlight away from Earth and lowering temperatures.


Looking for Sustainability

Start Your Own Community Farm

Community supported agriculture (CSA) essentially means that a group of people make a commitment to financially support a farm. This can be the model of the Loxley Valley Community Farm or simply that people agree with a local farmer to buy produce from them on a regular basis, sometimes also helping pitch in with some work in return for lower prices for the produce.


God’s Green Earth

What A Wonderful World

Farm News


Farm Share, using inmate labor and volunteers, re-sorts and packages an abundance of surplus food and distributes it to individuals, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, churches, and other organizations feeding the hungry in Florida — free of charge. This important distinction makes Farm Share critical to small community groups, located in poor neighborhoods and rural areas, which cannot afford to pay for food. By tapping into a vast supply of donated produce, we keep our costs low, while providing fresh fruits and vegetables and other nutritious food to the hungry and food insecure. However, the fact that we do not require our community partners to share the burden of our expenses makes Farm Share more reliant on donations from the public.


Steward Alerts


March 25, 2014, was the 30th anniversary of  the apparition of the Virgin Mary known as Our Lady Reconciler of All Nations, to the seer Maria Esperanza de Biancini. On this day 30 years ago this first of many apparitions was witnessed by 100 people in Betania, Venezuela. Michael O’Neill, creator of The Miracle Hunter interviews author Michael H. Brown who is a best-selling author and creator of SpiritDaily.com one of the top Catholic news and information websites, and Fr. Timothy Byerly, who is the vice postulate for the Beatification Cause of Maria Esperanza de Biancini.

Steward Activities


They make wonderful Christmas gifts and at the Catholic Company you will find one of the most extensive selections available; Mary & the Saints, Angels, Life of Our Lord, Psalms and even Mom’s Manager. They also have a super selection of Advent Calendars. Now’s the time!


Environmental Education

Green Learning Canada

GreenLearning Canada Foundation envisions a generation of young Canadians who are empowered and inspired to create a sustainable and just world… and we’re making it happen. Our team of dedicated professional educators believes in young people, their idealism and enthusiasm, and their ability to create positive change. We recognize the critical role of teachers in preparing this next generation for the societal challenges of the 21st Century. Our mission is to empower teachers with the education tools they need to help students understand complex energy issues and to engage them in concrete action for a sustainable future. Our work is highly respected by educators, the energy industry and civil society organizations.


Youth Stewardship

EARTH 911: How Kids Are Saving The Planet by Lori Brown

Mary McLeod Bethune once said, “We have a powerful potential in our youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends.”These children, teens and young adults have done more than their fair share for their communities and the environment, proving that age doesn’t coincide with the amount of potential impact. If this group is any indication of what to expect in the future, rest assured we’re in good hands.



Real Food Winter Tomatoes

By David Cavagnaro

Just one encounter with a tasteless, artificially ripened, imported winter supermarket tomato makes you want to grow your own tangy, sweet-tasting tomatoes in the off-season. In a good winter, at peak production, a single plant in my window produces a pint of cherry or pear tomatoes every day or two. Here’s how to do this yourself:


Wellness & Nutrition

Keeping your dog healthy through the Thanksgiving holiday

‘Tis the season for friends, family and holiday feasts—but also for possible distress for our animal companions. Pets won’t be so thankful if they munch on undercooked turkey or a pet-unfriendly floral arrangement, or if they stumble upon an unattended alcoholic drink. Check out the following tips from ASPCA experts for a fulfilling Thanksgiving that your pets can enjoy, too.



ROSETTA: What happens next?

A University of Leicester planetary scientist has hailed the European Space Agency’s mission to land a probe on a fast-moving comet as a success despite issues with the landing.

Professor Stan Cowley, of the University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, has said the probe, known as Philae, could begin to unlock answers about the creation of the solar system with data collected from its landing debris.



Bring back those lazy, hazy, crazy days of SUMMER!

(Only 7 more months to go)


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